Thursday, December 1, 2016

How to upload a document in Digilocker

How to upload a document:

  • Now to upload any document like voter id card all you need to do is to go to the home page of digilocker tool and then you will notice an option of 'upload document' and now you need to tap on the upload option and then choose a file that you want to upload from the computer or phone which ever you are using to upload your documents.
  • Now you can also rename your file and save it in the format you wanted to Store.
  • So that's how you can put a step forward to support digital India programme by registering yourself to the digilocker.

Components of digilocker :

There are 2 main components of digilocker or you can say that it is made up of these two components :
  • Access gateway : access gateway ensures that your documents are safe and they are on the right hands. It is almost like that payment gateway that is used in the banks or online transactions.
  • Repository : repository basically deals with all your uploaded e-documents so as  to provide you with the instant excess to all your documents.

How digilocker can be used by residents :

  • As you already know that it is mandatory to have aadhar card with you in order to register with digilocker similarly, all the residents need their aadhar card to get access to this amazing service. And as they register themselves they will get a OTP instantly in this registered number. Now after receiving the OTP you can enter into the OTP field where you are inside secure zone, here I recommend you to not to share your OTP with anybody as it may cause risks for your account and documents.
  • Then you can access your documents with the given link and there you can see your uploaded stuffs, you can also upload any other documents if you are willing to.
  • Whenever you are asked by anyone to show your document you can simply share the e-document online for e challan or you can share the URL link of your documents through whatsapp,  message, or through email.

So, thats how a resident can access his or her document now let me tell you how an issuer can use digilocker tool.