Dementia & Feeling of Loneliness

Seniors who are feeling lonely are at a greater risk of suffering from dementia, according to experts.


It was concluded that:


Around 2,000 seniors who did not show any signs of dementia were monitored during a course of 3 years. After 3 years, researchers evaluated the mental health of each person who participated in the study. A number of questions were asked during the survey that allowed researchers to track the mental health and mood of participants. After the survey, a basic dementia evaluation was done for getting the most accurate data at the end of the study.


The findings of this research were very surprising. 1 out of 10 seniors who were alone developed some kind of dementia. Match this to 1 out of every 20 that developed the same disorder when they had a company of other folks.

As you can see, those who were lonely were about two times as likely to develop dementia.

The social support or living surroundings did not seem to have a huge effect on the true mood behind all those things. In case somebody felt alone, odds of them developing dementia were high irrespective of who they were with or their present location.

So, is it possible to solve this issue by assisted living? The answer might not be as straight forward as some may think. In case you are able to erase the feelings of being alone in this surrounding, you can possibly avoid a few cases of dementia. However, if the senior still feels lonely, irrespective of whether they’ve got a company or not, even services like assisted living might not be fruitful, if the finding of this study is accurate.

Yet, through assisted living, it’s still possible to minimize the odds of being lonely to a great extent. If a person does not have a company, moving in an assisted living facility won’t be a bad idea for them, and it can help them erase loneliness at least to some extent. This is among those things which must be seriously taken into account.

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